Apr 8, 2011

Build your own Camping Porta Potty

I don't know if anybody would be interested but it's much easier to use
the 5 gallon bucket porta potty with the toilet seat on it than to use
the usual porta potty. With the bucket you can put two garbage bags
together one inside the other and start with 4 plastic cups of kitty
litter and just add to it as you use the potty. When it starts to get
full you just tie the garbage bags closed and toss them in the
dumpster. Much easier than having to go to the dump station and dump
your porta potty. The kitty litter takes care of any odor and this is
so easy and convenient.

Just a thought but you probably already know that. But............

You guys are so appreciated. I couldn't ask for better service.

Thanks again, Louanne Henson

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